Altavera Mortgage Services, LLC is the nation’s premier business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing company solely devoted to serving the residential mortgage industry. 

The mortgage origination landscape has forever changed. Today’s environment includes increased compliance and regulatory requirements, risk-averse investors, constant uncertainty, a focus on quality, and, in an age of instant information, customers who demand fast turn-times and prompt customer service. These factors have led to a continual increase in expenses and the cost to originate a loan. To compete and, more importantly, be profitable in this market, lenders must re-engineer their operations with a focus on flexibility, better efficiencies, and cost reduction. And, in a market with limited product choices, customer service is the differentiating factor for any company.  

Altavera is your partner dedicated to helping you achieve a profitable, competitive advantage. Whether it is our full end-to-end origination services or component services, Altavera’s highly trained staff can streamline your operations, provide variable capacity, minimize costs, and help you achieve faster cycle times to enhance your customers’ satisfaction and your profitability.

Altavera. Dedicated to your success.